White Baby Shoes with Clear Swarovski Crystals

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Baby Shoe Sizes
White Baby Shoes with Clear Crystals @ $195.00

White baby shoes with clear Swarovski crystals give your sweet little baby a touch of real class. These custom handmade baby bling shoes are perfect for any special occasion. The trendiest baby on the block will only be the one that has a pair of these bling bling baby shoes. Be the first and order some today…

Available Sizes:

  • 0 = Birth to 6 weeks
  • 1 = 6 weeks to 3 months
  • 2 = 3 to 6 months
  • 3 = 6 to 9 months
Over 2,000 crystals are placed by hand to cover the entire pair of shoes, except for the suede bottoms. There is minimal amount of the actual leather shoes that are visible. All crystals are placed with industrial strength, waterproof, adhesive. These shoes will make a great baby keepsake that can be displayed when they have been outgrown. They are truly breathtaking!
For larger sizes and custom colors prices may vary please contact us.

baby bling shoes swarovski crystal clear

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You will not find a more perfect unique baby gift for girls than a pair of baby bling Swarovski Crystal baby shoes. This product is handmade by us taking many hours of intricate fixing of nothing but the best Swarovski crystals that we can buy. An item that you will not find in any store.


Thoughtful Unique Baby Gifts for Girls

Whether you are looking for a very thoughtful baby shower gift or possibly in need of a girls baby christening gift a wonderful baby keepsake like some rhinestone baby girls shoes will make both you and that little angel happy for many years to come.

We certainly know how hard it is to find unique baby gifts. Going to a store and buying just some old baby gift that everyone else buys is just not our style. A special baby girl deserves a special baby girl’s gift in our opinion so that is one reason why we personally designed and created some Swarovski crystal baby girl shoes for our customers.

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